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Marriage Counseling

& Relationship Help


Brent Jackson, MS, LPC

Brent has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families in crisis through his counseling services. His particular strength is helping couples get "unstuck" from destructive behaviors and patterns that have made them unhappy in their marriage.

His marriage/couples counseling skills can help you to solve your problems, and if your intimacy has waned, he'll help you get the loving feelings back! Counseling can bring joy back to your marriage or relationship.

You and your partner may have conflicting needs along the lines of time spent together, sexual frequency, handling finances, openness in communication, sharing household chores, contact with in-laws, parenting your children, or career choices which may have caused 'glitches' in your relationship. Or, you may be in crisis due to divorce threats or an extramarital affair. Cheating doesn't have to be the end of a marriage. Brent can help you to rebuild the trust and survive an affair with numerous relationship therapy tools, including Gottman training, that are proven to be successful in marriage counseling.

Children & Families In Crisis

Brent provides family counseling, working with children and adolescents suffering from mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. He is effective in working with defiant children and adolescents, including those suffering from addiction issues. His area of focus with families involves helping them to overcome anger and alienation issues so that family reunification can take place. This includes working with families in which divorce has occurred, with the children distancing themselves emotionally from the parent whom they may blame for the breakup of their family. Brent also works on helping divorced parents effectively co-parent.

Brent focuses on children with anger/defiance issues and adults with relationship issues or PTSD. He has worked with special populations, including children in foster care, adolescents and adults with substance abuse issues, ex-offenders re-entering society, and families in need of parenting education.

Brent also does therapeutic supervised therapeutic visitation. He oversees the emotional safety of children when there is concern for emotional manipulation by the visiting parent or when there has been physical or emotional estrangement.


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